Diamond Drilling Company Derby

Diamond Drilling Company

Pollution and noise can be one of the biggest issues in cities and when large construction projects are going on, it can make things worse for people who are living and working nearby. This is why many construction firms turn to diamond drilling services, especially when the cutting, drilling or demolition project they are carrying out is in a built up area.

The great thing about using this kind of machinery to extract materials is that it offers a low noise, dust free and low vibration option. And, if you’re looking for a diamond drilling company Derby, we have a team of local, highly experienced professionals who can carry out the work you need doing, however big or small the job is.

The Derby diamond drilling services we provide

Our diamond drilling services range from the precision needed for cuts as small as 8mm up to a larger 1000mm diameter.

Our professional and friendly team come with top of the range tools of all shapes and sizes which can cut through pretty much anything. And we also carry out a range of demolition services which includes crunching and bursting as well as cutting methods such as ring sawing.

Not only can we get the work done, but we can project manage the whole thing from start to finish, ensuring that every detail is taken care of in making it run as smoothly as possible.

Cleaner construction

The diamond drilling services we provide are able to offer a dust free environment, thanks to the tough nature of industrial diamonds, which can cut through materials with ease and also the water that is used in the drilling process to wash away any unwanted debris.

When added to the low noise of diamond drilling, it will cause minimum disruption to any homes or office buildings nearby.

The safety of the people working on a construction site and any passers-by is also of vital importance, which is why we adhere to the strictest safety standards, while offering top of the range machinery, great customer service and excellent rates.

Contact us to discuss your project

If you have a construction project coming up in Derby and like the thought of the minimum fuss that our diamond drilling services can provide, then contact us to discuss your project today. At only a short hop up the M1, our specialists are not only highly experienced, but nice and local too.