Diamond Drilling Company Derby

Pollution and noise can be one of the biggest issues in cities and when large construction projects are going on, it can make things worse for people who are living and working nearby. This is why many construction firms turn to diamond drilling services, especially when the cutting, drilling or demolition project they are carrying […]

Diamond Drilling Company Nottingham

These days, when major construction projects are in full swing, companies are increasingly discovering the benefits of diamond drilling, especially when there are homes and other buildings nearby. The reason is because, thanks to the super tough and hardwearing nature of this kind of machinery, it can cut through pretty much anything with the smallest […]

Diamond Drilling Leicester

The great thing about diamond drilling is the accuracy, precision and strength which enables it to cut through all manner of construction materials, leaving an environment which is dust free. If you’ve ever seen the mess, vibration and noise that can be caused as a result of cutting, sawing and demolition, then you’ll be glad […]

Diamond Drilling in Birmingham

The benefits of using diamond drilling during a commercial construction project means that with any cutting or sawing there is a dust free environment, which makes your teams work space cleaner and safer. Using water in the drilling process also washes away any unwanted debris, leaving the material you have extracted uncontaminated and clean. With […]

Diamond Drilling Company Cambridge

If you have a commercial construction project on, then at some point you may need some precision diamond drilling and cutting. When this is the case, it always pays to get the experts in to ensure the job is done professionally and cleanly. And, if you’re looking for a diamond drilling company in Cambridge, then […]

What is Ring Sawing?

A concrete ring saw is a hand held machine that can be used in areas that are inaccessible by road saws but require sawing to a depth greater than 150mm. They can be used in conjunction with a hand saw to cut to a depth of 275mm, which is extremely useful for cutting block work […]

Concrete Bursting Methods

Concrete bursting methods use a noise-free controlled way of demolition where quiet, dust-free and vibration-free demolition is required. Holes are drilled in the concrete structure and a burster head is inserted, which is then expanded by hydraulic power. This power is provided by a motor, run by electricity, diesel or petrol. A build-up of lateral forces against […]

What Is Stitch Drilling?

Stitch Drilling can be used to create large openings and slots in walls or in floors particularly so in areas where access is difficult or restricted. Stitch drilling uses a series of overlapping core holes to create the opening required. It is often used when other drilling methods won’t achieve the required outcome. So what […]

UK Chimney Demolition Company

Chimney demolition can be a tricky and dangerous job which is why it is important to enlist the services of a reputable company. Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes from boiler house chimneys, factory and knitwear high chimneys to enormous power station size chimneys. The important part of chimney demolition is making the area […]

Happy New Year from React Diamond Drilling!

Well, we’ve nearly made it through January and we’re wondering how many of you have kept your New Year’s resolution? Here, at React, the New Year has given us a chance to reflect on the past year and come up with a few of our own too. Our diamond drilling services are already professional, efficient […]