What Is Diamond Drilling?

When we think of diamonds, we might picture that brilliant sparkler that often sits on the fourth finger of a woman’s left hand, but did you know that diamonds have another invaluable use, as well as making stunning jewellery?

If you were wondering what is diamond drilling, then the secret lies in its strength. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man and they’re pretty much unbreakable. So diamond drilling is used for cutting into tough materials such as concrete and brick, using an industrial diamond which is a highly effective drilling process where other systems might fail.

There are many advantages to drilling with industrial diamonds, which means they’re often used in the construction industry for particularly tricky jobs where other equipment is just not up to the challenge.

The Benefits of Diamond Drilling

  • It’s much quieter and there are less vibrations when compared to breaking and other destructive noisy methods.
  • The cut is so clean and efficient it means less need for reinstatement work after any openings are formed, which can often be the case with bursting, for example.
  • While the cost of the tools might initially seem expensive, diamond drilling is an accurate, flexible, safe and fast method which will create different sizes holes and openings in hard materials with minimal hazardous dust created, cleaner cuts and less repairs needed afterwards.
  • Diamond drilling is also often employed in the mining industry for mineral exploration and can play a major part in determining whether or not a site can be mined, because it can get to places that other drills can’t.
  • The smaller holes it creates allow anchor bolts and dowel bars to be attached to structures, whilst larger holes can provide cavities to allow the insertion of utility pipes and temporary support frames into structures.

Diamond Drilling Principles

The diamond drilling principles include the following:

  • Drill rig – The rig can be fixed vertically, horizontally or even at angles to allow for a range of diameter or depth holes for any service required through masonry or reinforced concrete substrates. The rig also reduces the amount of vibration which you would get when hand drilling.
  • Motor – the powerful motor which can be operated hydraulically or electrically rotates the drill bit to allow smooth cut of the substrate. Because of its rotary mechanism it dramatically reduces the vibration and noise caused by other cutting methods.
  • Diamond bit – a cylindrical tool with an open middle area which cuts into the substrate which allows the core to move through it until you have reached the required depth.

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