We now offer bollard installation!

Security is a massive issue these days, one which many people take very seriously both at home and at work. Likewise, with growing volumes of traffic, city centres and other busy areas are finding it increasingly necessary to employ more effective forms of traffic management.

It’s because of this that we are excited to announce the launch of our latest new service which is designed to make our customers’ lives easier, while giving them greater peace of mind in the process. If you’re looking for added security on your premises, are aiming to stop people from unauthorised parking, or need a bollard for whatever reason, we now offer bollard installation as just one of our many reliable and professional services.

Row of parking bollards

One team do it all

Normally when you need a bollard fitting, you would have to employ separate teams to do the job effectively – one team to drill the necessary hole and another to install the bollard. This doesn’t even take into account the job of sourcing the right bollard for your purpose in the first place.

When you employ React for your bollard installation just one team can do it all. And while we suggest you supply your own bollard (because you know exactly what you need it for), we can also help point you in the right direction if you’re unsure as to where to go for it.

Public Bike Rack

Parking Post, bike racks and more!

So, what might you need bollard installation for and what can our professional team fit? Maybe an easier question would be what can’t we fit, because our professional team can install anything from parking posts to bike racks and much much more.

It might be that you’re sick of people parking in your space, or maybe you want to deter vehicles from driving onto your business premises. Perhaps you need to manage traffic and mark out special lanes to show people exactly where they can and can’t go. There’s no reason why using a bollard as an added security measure has to be an unattractive prospect either. Bollards can come in all shapes and sizes and when fitted well can even enhance the look of the area that they’re in.

Whatever reason you need a bollard installing for, one thing you need to make sure of is that it’s done professionally, because an ill fitted bollard can not only affect the manufacturer’s warrantee, but it won’t work the way it should and could even create risk of injury if mishandled.

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We can offer a one stop shop to customers who need a bollard installing with the added assurance that we will get the job done quickly, more cost effectively, professionally and well. Get the all-in-one solution today by giving us a call about our latest bollard installation service. Our team can install bollards for customers all over the UK, so get in touch to find out more.