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Medical reports and news stories over the years have brought to light the potential health dangers surrounding concrete cutting when it’s not carried out using the most effective tools.

Concrete cutting is used in a wide range of industries, from building contractors to local authorities, civil and structural engineering.

However, the dust clouds that can be caused by cutting through concrete allow a substance called crystalline silica to escape into the air which, when inhaled, can lead to lung diseases such as silicosis and lung cancer further down the line.

One way to prevent such dust clouds and therefore reduce the risk to health is by employing UK Concrete Cutting Services that minimise the concrete dust. A perfect example is by using precision cutting tools which feed water through their shaft while they are cutting, thereby ensuring the dust is suppressed.

Such tools allow clean cuts through reinforced concrete, masonry and asphalt, without creating dust that other techniques, such as the use of an abrasive saw blade can cause.

Skilled Concrete Cutting Contractors

There are all kinds of stone, rock, sand and clay, which can contain large amounts of crystalline silica and these are often used to make kerbs, flags, bricks, tiles and concrete. It is therefore easy to see why concrete cutting is a frequent and necessary part of many a trade.

At React Diamond Drilling we can offer the services of skilled concrete cutting contractors across the whole UK, who can provide a full range of concrete cutting, drilling and demolition services in a dust free environment.

This includes the use of such techniques as vibration free core drilling and a wide range of cutting methods used to create precision holes or openings in masonry or structural reinforced concrete.

Concrete Core Cutting

Concrete Core Cutting

When carrying out concrete cutting, the success of the job depends on straight lines, a reasonably flat surface and the option to use water, which will stop the blade from overheating and minimise the production of dust in the atmosphere.

If you require concrete core cutting services that will create a healthier environment for your workers, while offering greater cutting precision, we can offer solutions to a range of job requirements big and small.

These include low noise, dust free and little vibration techniques to provide the best, most non- invasive environment for the job.

With diamond drilling methods you can expect clean cuts which will travel accurately through reinforced concrete, masonry and asphalt.

All diamond drills use a water feed through the driving shaft to suppress dust and core holes can be achieved from 10mm to 1000mm in diameter.

At React we are capable of dry drilling holes up to a maximum width of 150mm in masonry and our tools can provide for:

  • Mechanical & electrical services
  • Telephone cables
  • Heating and pipework
  • Air conditioning/Ventilation

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