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Chimney demolition can be a tricky and dangerous job which is why it is important to enlist the services of a reputable company. Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes from boiler house chimneys, factory and knitwear high chimneys to enormous power station size chimneys. The important part of chimney demolition is making the area safe, and where applicable, not damaging the building around it.

Brick and Concrete Chimney Demolition

Often larger chimneys are demolished using explosives or large high reach specialised demolition crunchers. However on occasion the above methods cannot be used so a more personal hands on approach is required and this is where React Diamond Drilling Ltd can help you..

Concrete chimney demolition requires a different set of controlled techniques and durable, strong machinery to complete the job. Bursting techniques can be used to break up large areas of concrete quietly and efficiently. A good technique if you are in an area where noise and dust are prohibited.

Brick chimney demolition often employs more traditional techniques but can be tricky as they are often housed in public areas such as universities, factory sites, schools and residential areas. The correct techniques and site management are required to complete the job safely and effectively.
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React Diamond Drilling Are Experts in Chimney Demolition

With our years of experience we have refined techniques that allows our work to be carried out quickly, safely and with efficiency. As part of the process we can use Brokk machinery, hand held crunchers, hydraulic bursting or even hand held breakers which all have their advantaged depending on the substrate and also the environment. Our team are expertly trained in the use of Brokk machinery and other demolition and removal techniques. This makes sure we offer a complete, safe, effective and timely job for our customers.

Our techniques allow us to complete our work with minimum disruption, reduce noise where necessary, particularly in or near residential and business areas.

We can offer guidance and help define what needs to happen with your project. Whether this is a one off project you are involved in or is part and parcel of your everyday job you can be assured that we can assist with your requirements.

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Our friendly and professional staff are always on hand to answer your questions. At React Diamond Drilling we pride ourselves on a safe, secure and professional demolition and service, every time. Contact us today by calling 0800 024 8670 to talk through your requirements for your chimney demolition. You can also get in touch via our Contact Us page.