Diamond Drilling Company Cambridge

Diamond Drilling Company

If you have a commercial construction project on, then at some point you may need some precision diamond drilling and cutting. When this is the case, it always pays to get the experts in to ensure the job is done professionally and cleanly.

And, if you’re looking for a diamond drilling company in Cambridge, then our specialist team can help as it’s an area we cover, and , being only an hour away in Rugby means we can get to the site on no time at all.

The benefits of using diamond drilling for any cutting or sawing include the fact that it allows for a dust free environment, which makes your team’s workspace cleaner and safer. By using water in the drilling process it will also wash away any unwanted debris, leaving the material you have extracted uncontaminated and clean.

Commercial Diamond Drilling in Cambridge

Often, when you’re using machinery in a built up area, the issue of noise can be a problem, however, by using a diamond drilling technique, you can ensure minimal noise and low vibration, causing as little disruption to any homes and businesses nearby. It’s because of the non-intrusive nature of this method, that many companies who are looking for commercial diamond drilling in and around the Cambridge area get contact us.

Our drilling and cutting tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a whole range of jobs, big and small, ranging from the precision required at sizes of 8mm, all the way up to the larger 1000mm diameter. And using these tools, our highly experienced team can cut through just about anything.

As well as diamond drilling, we also offer our demolition services, using methods such as bursting and crunching. We only use the best techniques to get the best results, no matter the scale of demolition that you need.

Extremely competitive rates, only an hour away

When it comes to diamond drilling services, we are proud to be able to offer our customers our fully equipped and experienced staff, competitive rates, top of the range machinery and great levels of service.

And when you need diamond drilling in Cambridge, you’ll be pleased to know that, being located in Rugby, we’re less than an hour’s drive away. In fact, because we’re so close by, it means that we’re in the area working on construction sites quite often, so, if you need our services, we can be with you sooner than you might think.

Contact us about your Cambridge drilling project

If you’ve got a construction project in Cambridge and you’re looking for diamond drilling or demolition services, we can project manage the whole job from start to finish. Get in touch with us about your Cambridge drilling project today.