What is Ring Sawing?

Ring Sawing

A concrete ring saw is a hand held machine that can be used in areas that are inaccessible by road saws but require sawing to a depth greater than 150mm. They can be used in conjunction with a hand saw to cut to a depth of 275mm, which is extremely useful for cutting block work and concrete walls. Ring sawing is also ideal for use in cutting concrete pipes, bricks, walls and floors.

They are also used for precision cutting to prevent pipes or concrete being overcut and damaged. A ring saw can cut through any hard material including, stone, granite, marble, glass and acrylic

The benefits of ring sawing

Precise – ring sawing can easily create corners and right angle cuts

Portable – where space is tight and bigger machines can’t be use a ring saw is compact and portable enough to be used in confined spaces

Powerful - a ring saw can create a cut of up to 275mm in depth

Clean to use – ring saws are used with water to keep the blade cool and as wet blades don’t create as much dust they prove to be a much cleaner method of cutting

Less injuries – the blade of a ring saw is bumped rather than toothed and the abrasive edge works by creating friction against a hard surface.  Skin is soft and so can bounce off the bumps rather than being caught and cut by the teeth of a blade.

Durable – A ring saw operates with a blade spinning in a circle. Other concrete cutters vibrate, which can wear out the teeth of the machine quicker.

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