How Brokk demolition can benefit you!

The benefits of Brokk demolition are it can be used in an area where traditional demolition equipment cannot be used internally as well as externally.

The Brokk can come with a number of attachments with the breaker and the cruncher and perhaps the digger bucket being the most common.

This is where you can see how Brokk demolition can benefit you and your business, when using this method to prepare an area for the next stage of a project.

More recently, equipment has become available from companies such as Brokk which means that areas of concrete can be broken up and removed quickly and efficiently by remote control, offering an even greater solution to your demolition needs.


Compact demolition solution

Brokk are constantly improving their machines to provide the most up to date and innovative ways to complete a demolition job with equipment that is built for purpose, creating as little disruption as possible.

Because they are electronic and give off no emissions, the range of machines offer a faster, safer and more eco-friendly compact demolition solution than more traditional methods. They also come in a range of sizes to suit any job.

So, no matter how small the space you have to work in is, chances are you will be able to use a Brokk machine to carry out the task you need. They’re so versatile, the smaller models can even travel in a standard lift or walk up the stairs!

The compact demolition solutions from Brokk are also ideal for indoor jobs, even on weakened floors, but still come with the power, stability and versatility needed to break up hefty concrete.

This makes the smaller Brokk machines perfect for light and medium demolition work, such as in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Remote and efficient

And don’t lose sight of the fact that while it does the job that traditional machinery does, it is remote and efficient, meaning the work is done quickly and well, while maintaining a much safer environment for the person operating the machine – and it won’t get tired either.

With innovation and years of experience on their side, Brokk machines are renowned the world over for the great results they can achieve when it comes to concrete demolition.

The powerful, super strong breakers and fast movement offers speedy, safe and secure removal of concrete, saving you time and money, no matter how big or small the job is.

And, if you’re looking for someone experienced to put the machines to work, our team of experts come fully trained to manage and complete the job to an exceptionally high standard.

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