Concrete Crunching – demolition with minimum disruption

Demolition work traditionally involves a lot of noise, dust and disruption, after all, when you’re breaking up materials such as concrete, it isn’t a delicate job.

These days, however, with many demolition jobs taking place near to other structures, public places, or in areas where a certain level of noise and pollution is not allowed, it has become necessary to find alternative ways to break up concrete and other hard substances.

Believe it or not, there are ways to get rid of large structures internally and externally without making such a big impact and this is a perfect way to describe concrete crunching – demolition with minimum disruption.

Concrete and brick rubble derbis on construction site

How does concrete crunching work?

So how does concrete crunching work? Well, it’s just that – the practice of using 30 tonnes of pressure from powerful hydraulic breakers to crush the concrete into smaller pieces of rubble until the structure that was there before is eventually gone.

The powerful and heavy jaws of the machine are applied to a free or open edge of a concrete structure and squeezed together to crush it.

They are powered by a hydraulic power pack, which is maneuvered into place by the operatives who then switch the lever to apply the pressure.

And, like bursting, concrete crunching can break up areas of concrete up to 300mm thick, with minimal noise, dust and vibration, making it ideal for heavy jobs both internally and externally, including walls, floors and stairwells.

What are the benefits?

We have already mentioned that, as opposed to practices such as percussive breaking, concrete crunching causes minimal noise, vibration and dust, but there’s so much more to this method than just that. So what are the other benefits?

Unlike percussion methods, which can affect the structural integrity of the surrounding buildings, concrete crunching offers added reassurance that it won’t affect surrounding structures with the promise of little risk of damage.

In closely knit towns and inner cities, or in locations with neighbouring buildings which need protection, this can be an invaluable tool. Unlike with the bursting method, there is also no need for pre made diamond holes and the debris is easier to clear, with less mess involved.

The lack of noise makes it ideal for working in populated work areas where noise will not be tolerated and the relatively small power pack and jaws can be used in areas that the robotic demolition machines can struggle to access.

The concrete can also be removed without the need for vibration or water and because it’s virtually emission free is friendly to the environment too.

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