Concrete Bursting Methods

Concrete Bursting

Concrete bursting methods use a noise-free controlled way of demolition where quiet, dust-free and vibration-free demolition is required.

Holes are drilled in the concrete structure and a burster head is inserted, which is then expanded by hydraulic power. This power is provided by a motor, run by electricity, diesel or petrol. A build-up of lateral forces against the inside of the holes causes the concrete to crack. The cracks combined with the holes create planes of weakness, causing the concrete to fracture into smaller sections which can then be removed by hand or crane.

With up to 80 tonnes of pressure exerted it can break up the thickest of materials.

Where Can Concrete Bursting Be Used?

Concrete bursting is used to remove large concrete structures such as foundations, pillars, bearers, staircases and concrete walls.

Often the constraints imposed by a structures location requires the removal of concrete and masonry in manageable lumps with minimal noise and vibration, for example, office blocks, hospitals, shopping centres and residential buildings.

React offer UK concrete bursting services

We are a specialist diamond drilling company and carry out a range of drilling, cutting, sawing and demolition services across the country.

The diamond drilled holes required for this bursting method allows for a dust free environment making it a much cleaner and safer area. When drilling, water is used to wash away any debris, this is to ensure the extracted material is clean and receives little contamination.

With low noise, dust free and little vibration you can be sure that we can help on a wide range of projects. We work to tight deadlines and work as a team we make sure every job is carried out efficiently and on schedule, always adhering to strict safety regulations.

You can rely on us to complete any project big or small to a high professional standard.

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