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Concrete Bursting Methods

Concrete bursting methods use a noise-free controlled way of demolition where quiet, dust-free and vibration-free demolition is required. Holes are drilled in the concrete structure and a burster head is inserted, which is then expanded by hydraulic power. This power is provided by a motor, run by electricity, diesel or petrol. A build-up of lateral forces against […]

Boiler House Chimney Demolition

Here, at React Diamond Drilling, we constantly strive to give our clients a quick, effective and hassle free service with projects completed to time and budget every time. That’s why we thought we’d mention one of our most recent projects at a university, a boiler house chimney demolition, which if not done correctly could’ve caused […]

How Brokk demolition can benefit you!

The benefits of Brokk demolition are it can be used in an area where traditional demolition equipment cannot be used internally as well as externally. The Brokk can come with a number of attachments with the breaker and the cruncher and perhaps the digger bucket being the most common. This is where you can see […]